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Wall murals and mural wallpapers are more common than you might think. If you’ve walked into your dentist’s office and seen a wall full of branding or seen high-quality images on the wall of your favorite coffee shop, chances are those are wall murals. Custom wall murals can add personality to a space and work as amazing marketing tools too.

What is a Wall Mural Made Of?

There are different kinds of wall murals, of course. But the kind that we offer is made of vinyl and not paint or wallpaper. Vinyl sheets offer many advantages over these other wall mural types, including faster installation, higher quality images, more fidelity with your design concept, and long-term durability. We can print the exact design that you want on the vinyl sheet, custom cut it, and apply it to the wall for you. You get a great-looking wall that you’ll be proud of, without all the inconvenience of other wall mural types.

Uses for Wall Murals in Milwaukee

From small to large wall murals, you can achieve a whole range of effects. If you plan carefully, wall mural stickers and larger options can offer any or all of these uses for you:

  • Tell your story: Have you seen office wall murals with the brand’s history? You can add your own. Or add a wall mural that speaks to your brand values. Either way, you’re enriching your client’s understanding of your brand and giving them something to connect with.
  • Add branding: Sometimes a wall mural sign is a good replacement for a lobby sign or another branded sign that is usually made of more expensive materials. With vinyl, it is simple to add a bit of branding to any spot on your property, inside and out.
  • Create atmosphere: Wall murals can help create a positive atmosphere, even more than other interior décor choices. Restaurants and retail locations might want to excite and engage people. Medical offices might want to relax and soothe.
  • Inspire people: Some of the most popular wall murals are those meant to inspire people in offices. Your staff can benefit from wall murals too.

Choosing the right goals for your designer wall mural is as important as the design itself. The experts at Optimum Signs can help you and ensure you have the right goals in mind for your sign.

Why Choose Wall Murals Over Other Signs?

These vinyl signs have advantages over many other sign types.

  • They are lower cost than many other sign options.
  • Larger wall murals that cover whole walls are still affordable.
  • These sheets should last several years and keep making impressions.
  • You can approve of the exact design that your mural will have.
  • We offer wall murals in Milwaukee that are ready very quickly.

Get Designer Wall Murals in Milwaukee and Surrounding Areas

When you want wall murals for your business, including wall murals for your office, reach out to Optimum Signs. We can offer any business or organization in Milwaukee a mural they will be proud of, and that will support their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

While painted wall murals are common, you may not realize that many of the wall murals you can see are made of vinyl. This is a plastic-like material rolled out into thin sheets that can be custom dyed with any design you want. They are a perfect way to decorate a whole wall or partial in a mural.

Wall murals can be made of paint, but ours are made of vinyl. 3M and other manufacturers make thin, paper-like product that is tear-resistant and can last for years. We dye it in your custom design similar to printing a custom design on paper. Vinyl also has adhesive to stick to your wall.

Wall murals can be used by businesses to further their business goals. These can include aesthetic goals, like making your store, office, or restaurant look nicer to appeal to customers. Or they can include promotional goals, so you may want to advertise your brand, products, or services on the wall.

A wall mural can have many purposes depending on the kind of business that is installing it. Wall murals in offices are often about promoting the brand identity and ideals or values. In stores, wall murals may instead be to increase foot traffic to particular sections or promote different brands or products that the store carries.

A vinyl wall mural is a decorative wall decal that is given its color, text, or image through a vinyl sheet instead of through paint. Vinyl is a thin and custom printable material like paper, but it is higher quality with more tear and water resistance. It also has a built-in adhesive in order to attach to the wall.

Wall murals are usually meant to present one large custom image or one large custom design. The image or design may do more than just make the space look good, it may also further other brand goals of the company which installed it. Wallpaper is usually a repeating pattern that is purely decorative and not custom.

Wall murals have variable costs. It depends on the size of the wall or the area you’d like to cover, the quality of the vinyl used to make the mural, and other design choices. Vinyl is an affordable material and as it doesn’t require an artist to physically paint it, it can be cheaper than paint murals.

A vinyl wall mural should last many years, particularly if it is well cared for and in an indoor environment. We can tell you how long your specific wall mural should last based on the conditions it will be exposed to. For example, direct sunlight may fade some vinyl murals faster than others not exposed to the sun.

No, you do not need to cover the whole wall with your mural. We can create any number of custom coverage options for you, focusing on what will be within your budget and what will make your space look best. Sometimes you can wrap a mural around a corner for effect, other times end it earlier.

We can take care of all wall mural installations for you. However, you should know that it is not an easy job for someone who does not have any practice or expert instruction. It is possible to leave large air bubbles in them or to mismatch them with the paint. We can ensure that your wall mural is installed properly.

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