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Milwaukee, WI – Custom Multicolor 53′ Trailer Wrap for Millipore Sigma



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Wow! Talk about a lot of real estate.  Our customer asked us to wrap two 53′ trailers for them and they didn’t shy away from color in the design.  We have been doing work for Millipore Sigma for the past year and the trailers were another one of the items that they wanted wrapped.

Once we got the designs from our customer, we had to wait until the trailers were available. This allowed us to work off of actual measurements.  It also allowed us to check out the rivet pattern for the trailer.  Each trailer manufacturer has it’s own pattern and size of rivets.  Some of the lightweight trailers have actually gone to formed walls for the trailers that have no rivets.  Others, like these two trailers, have rivet trays running vertically and large 1.5″ rivets horizontally.  All of this has to be taken into consideration when laying out the design.  If too much of the critical information falls on the rivets, it will be difficult to read the information.  Some small alterations in the design, and we were ready to print.  The printing took the better part of two days along with laminating and trimming the prints.  Each trailer took over 3000 milliliters of ink, 1000 square feet of vinyl and laminate, and 3 hours of table time to prep the print for installation. But it was well worth it.

Our customer had made arrangements for us to wrap the trailers at the hub of the company that they purchased the trailers from.  That way once we were done, the provider of the trailers was able to place the placards and readily deliver the trailers.  Each trailer took almost a day and a half to install, using four professional installers.  These guys flew through the installation.  When we start wrapping a trailer, we always start at the front of the trailer.  this causes the seams to face the back of the trailer. Wind flows over the seam and not against it. We have almost zero failures in 6 years. Next are the rivets. Every single rivet had to have the vinyl tucked around, heated with a torch, and for the larger rivets, relief cut.  Every, single, rivet.  We lost count at about 1100.

We threw an entire team at the trailer and got it done in 12 hours.  Our team was flying when they were wrapping this monster but I think it was well worth it.  If you have a trailer or a fleet of trailers and you want to have them wrapped, please give Optimum Signs a call at 262.289.9481 or email us at info@optimumsignswi.com.  We would love to assist you in your project.