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Milwaukee, WI – Cut Graphics on Dodge Promaster for There & Back Transportation



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This one was a blast! When Sam from There & Back Transportation contacted us, he had a van and a design but really didn’t know how the two would go together.  He knew what he wanted, but not sure if he could have it.  We started working with him on the design and he said that the final design had to be “dramatic” and “had to really pop”.  You see, every van make and model is slightly different.  With this one, a Dodge Promaster, we had an interesting challenge.  Of all the different body lines on this van, none of them are parallel to the ground.  The main body line that runs from the back of the passenger doors, drops almost 4.5″ from front to back.  The top of the chip guard also drops almost 3″.  If we followed the body lines this design would look horrible.  So what do you do?   We found out that if you strike a line with a laser level across the body and stay parallel to the ground, your graphics always look great.

We started with the design and the information that the customer wanted on the sides of the van.  We needed to ensure that the important information did not fall on the door rail or handle.  We also wanted to make sure that we avoided the chip guard.  By moving the information around, we found the proper location for each piece.  We then sent the proof to the customer for their approval.  Sam was impressed that we were able to give him the look he wanted while staying inside the budget.  Next we had to confirm that we had the correct orange.  Believe it or not, orange is a tough color.  There are so many shades and tones of orange that make it very tough to get the correct color.  But what we do is we have added a step to the proof process.  We print a test panel of the wrap and have the customer sign off on the print.  This way we make sure we are producing exactly what the customer wants. When Sam saw the print, he commented that the print was the exact color he wanted.

We then moved to production.  This design used cut graphics which means we printed the details of the package, then ran the graphics through the laser cutter so we could remove the additional vinyl.  We cut the components into individual pieces and apply tape.  Now the graphics are ready to be applied.  We used a laser level to establish the correct position for the graphics and began installing the vinyl.  About two hours later, we were done.

If you have one or many service vans that need to be wrapped, please give us a call.  We treat every vehicle like it was our own, and we will do the same for you.  We can be reached at 262.289.9481 or emailed at info@optimumsignswi.com.